Payment Hearing

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If you have received a payment order (an order that requires the payment of money) you may need a payment hearing to set or change payments or to gather information about the debtor. Payment hearings can be set by a judge, requested by the creditor or requested by the debtor.

What to Expect

At a Payment Hearing: 

  • Judges can order a date when the debt must be paid
  • Judges can make a Payment Schedule with dates and amounts of payments
  • Judges can Refuse to make an order in which case the whole debt is immediately payable
  • Creditors can get debtor’s information to help with the collection process
  • Creditors or debtors can ask for changes in the order or payment schedule

A creditor can ask the debtor about:

  • His or her address
  • Bank accounts
  • Property owned (including cars or land)
  • Employment, income and expenses. This is helpful if you want to get a garnishment order or take other enforcement steps

Payment Schedule

A Payment Schedule sets out how the debtor must pay the debt. For example by installments of specific amounts on certain dates. So long as the debtor follows the terms of the payment schedule the creditor cannot use other methods to collect the debt. If a payment schedule is not being followed either creditor or debtor can request a Payment Hearing to change the payment schedule. The creditor can also now take further steps to collect the debt. 

How to Request a Payment Hearing

Steps for Creditors:

  1. Get a copy of the Payment Order: You can request it at the Small Claims Court Registry
  2. File the Summons: Fill in the Summons to a Payment Hearing form and bring it to the Small Claims Registry. The Registry staff will fill out the date, time and location of the Payment Hearing. Be sure to request the documents you wish the debtor to bring on the Summons. (e.g. record of income and assets)
  3. Serve the Summons: Personally serve the summons on the debtor at least 7 days before the date of the Payment Hearing
  4. Complete an Affidavit of Service: Have the person who served the summons fill out the Affidavit of Service to prove service and bring it to the Payment Hearing

Steps for Debtor:

  1. Notice of Payment Hearing (Form 13): File out the Notice and file it at the Small Claims Court Registry. The Registry staff will fill out the date, time and location of the Payment Hearing
  2. Serve the Notice on the Creditor: The creditor must receive the Notice at least 7 days before the Hearing date. You can serve it in person, through ordinary mail or registered mail
  3. Prepare a Certificate of Service (Form 4): Have the person who served the Notice fill out the Certificate of Service to prove service and bring it to the Payment Hearing

It is important to come to the hearing prepared. For a debtor looking to set or change a payment schedule because their financial situation has changed, they should be able to show the court their ability to pay the debt. By preparing a Financial Statement they will be able to demonstrate their financial situation.

If Parties Don’t Show Up

If the creditor doesn’t show up for the payment hearing the court can hold the hearing in their absence, cancel the hearing or adjourn it. If the debtor doesn’t show they can be arrested for not attending.

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Default Hearing

If there is already a payment schedule in effect which the debtor is not following, the creditor can ask for a Default Hearing. 

The judge will ask the debtor why the payments were not made and may adjust the order or put the debtor in jail for up to 20 days if the judge feels that the debtor is showing contempt for the court order. The debtor will still owe the money. If the debtor has been properly notified and still does not attend this default hearing, they can be arrested. 

To request a default hearing, follow the instruction, file and serve Summons to a Default Hearing.

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