Legal Information
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BC Provincial Court

 The BC Provincial Court has a number of great resources and guides to help self-represented litigants going through small claims matters. In particular see

Government of BC

The Ministry of Attorney General and the Provincial Court of British Columbia has produced a number of guides to help British Columbians going through small claims matters. In particular see: 

Law Centre

The Law Centre has created a great number of factsheets on the small claims process. Many of the guides include sample court forms. For a Full Listing of the Factsheets See Here.

Law Students’ Legal Advice Program (LSLAP)

The Law Students’ Legal Advice Program practice manuals are a great resource to learn more about the Small Claims Process.

Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT)

For information on the Civil Resolution Tribunal and learn about the process see their website. In particular their Tips for Successful Negotiation and After a CRT Decision may be relevant.


Dial-a-Law provides great resources for information on Getting Your Judgment Paid and When a Creditor Wants to Take Money from Your Wages or Bank Account.

Supreme Court of BC

The Justice Education Society has created a number of guides for litigants going through the BC Supreme Court. How to Appeal an Order Made in Small Claims Court guide may be of particular use.

Admin Law

For resources on negotiations and dealing with disputes, see the publications: Prepare for a Tough Talk and Negotiating a Solution from

Courthouse Libraries BC

For guidance on transcripts see How Do I Order a Transcript from Courthouse Libraries.

Public Guardian and Trustee of BC

For information regarding lawsuits for those under 19 see the Infant Settlements from the Public Guardian and Trustee of BC.

Mediate BC

For information about mediation and how it can help you see the Guide to Mediation in BC

Community Legal Assistance Society (CLAS)

For guidance on waiving court fees see the guide by CLAS.


Access BC laws and search Provincial Court case decisions. Use this guide if you need help using CANLII.

People’s Law School

For more legal information on your legal rights and responsibilities see People’s Law School.


For more legal information and resources visit Clicklaw operated by Courthouse Libraries BC.